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Speed Dating Events & Mixers

We Service Lots of Dating Styles!

About ICU Speed Dating

It's the newest way of forming friendships and bonds 

that have the potential to last a lifetime. Speed Dating 

gives you the chance to meet a variety of individuals who 

have several things in common and/or mate potential. 

 Our professionals take their time and consider every possible 

connecting factor in order to find your most suited potentials.

Step 1

Register online with I.C.U. confidently & be added to the number of invites for your selected Speed Dating/Mixer Event

Step 2

Receive your email confirmation along with event/venue details so that everything flows smoothly upon arrival

Step 3

Show up dressed to impress & ready to meet your pre-selected dates/potentials

Step 4

Participate in the Speed Dating process in hopes of solidifying an exact match [the person you select also selects you]

Step 5

At the close of the Speed Dating event matches will be given to you discreetly [email addresses exchanged] so that you can decide whether or not you would like to ask any of them to join you for the MIXER:  'AfterParty', OR for any future dates/dating on your own or another ICU Mixer event from our calendar of events

Step 6

For those that attend the MIXER:  'AfterParty', you have the opportunity to experience a wonderfully safe & romantic environment, while enjoying live music for your entertainment. 

Step 7

Stay connected with ICU website for event updates if you are interested in keeping this process going. Here you can date as many as needed to find the exact match for you! There is no judgment for those that desire to continue dating and meeting a multitude of people. We will continue to offer 

variety of events & Speed Dating opportunities for you to accomplish just that

ICU Mixers

'After Party'...

Our mixers give you an opportunity to spend a bit more private moments with any of 

your potentials.  It's a all out party environment...there's a bar, there's live music, there are raffles/giveaways, there's intimate lighting, there's fun games designed for getting to know & breaking the ice, there's even a licensed/professional therapist on hand for any questions & guidance that you desire.


At A Glance

Not Just Coffee.....

If you find yourself interested in someone, then tell them what some of your interests are?  Like Kayaking?  Parasailing?  Biking? Let's do some of that together...

Take It Slow.....

Keep personal business PERSONAL!  Do not divulge annual income, addresses, place of employment, etc.  We've just met!!!  

We Have Just Met.....

You want to give your best representation. Ask for more than just hobbies and career.  

For Example:

Who are your favorite artists?  Last concert attended?  Where are your favorite vacation destinations?  Describe your favorite date night idea.

Let's Get Personal.....

Here is where honesty is most important...

Let's talk about the future, long-term plans, etc!  Are you settled in your career?  Do you desire/have kids?  Have you been married before?  Do you desire marriage?  What does your 5-year plan look like?

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